Whether you use Google Meet in a large conference room or just on your personal computer, here you’ll find un-sponsored recommendations for the best hardware for you.

Photo: Google

At HiView, one question frequently received by our team of Google Workspace (G Suite) experts is which camera and speakerphone options are best for Google Meet. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of excellent compatible options to choose from. …

Cloud Identity Premium expands upon the free edition, offering enterprise security, mobility management, and end-point administration. This stand-alone product provides full access to user management, apps, and devices via the G Suite Admin Console.

Looking for an LDAP solution?

Cloud Identity can be connected with multiple LDAP servers including OpenLDAP…

What is Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise allows you to work securely with Cloud products by combining Chrome OS and Chrome browser features, making administrative tasks easier for IT teams and providing security to users. Various setting controls allow administrators to centralize configurations, not only protecting the company’s data but also allowing for installation of…

Kelly Carroll

Marketing & Customer Success Specialist at HiView Solutions, a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

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